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Demanding Statement about Forcing Chimpanzees to Perform in TV Entertainment Programs

We have discussed using chimpanzees in TV Entertainment Programs on November 11-12, 2006 at the board meeting of the 9th symposium "Support for African /Asian Great Apes( SAGA )".

We have arrived at these following conclusions:

First, we shall not force chimpanzees listed as "endangered" in CITES, to perform in TV Entertainment Programs. We shall use chimpanzees only for breeding, non-invasive studies or education. Second, we fear that broadcasting these anthropomorphic and falsely unnatural chimpanzee images will generate severe negative effect on educating our society. Third, we shall avoid exposing chimpanzees to unnecessary stressful situations. a, chimpanzees need to spent their formative years with their mothers and group mates. b, stop long-distance transportation, c, stop long filming sessions, d, stop encouraging and forcing chimpanzees to perform unnatural gestures and behavior.

Consequently, we have sent a statement, filed "Demanding Statement about Forcing Chimpanzees to Perform in TV Entertainment Programs" to 6 relevant organizations on the 4th of December, 2006. We shall continue promoting our scientific understanding of chimpanzees for a purpose that all apes can get together better in this world.


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